Taken: June 2014, NY, USA
Camera: Nikon D7000

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A trip to USA was my dream since childhood. Two years ago I finally made it. I got the chance to visit New York  while participating in the Smashing Magazine conference which was held right in the heart of Manhattan.

This city is huuuuuugeeee.  You can find literally everything in here and meet the people from every country in the world, speaking any language you can imagine. Thanks to all of the immigrants which came through the centuries the mix of cultures which emerged in Big Apple is probably unique in the whole world. Culture diversity, known as “melting pot” is visible at every corner. Russian district – check, Polish district – check, China – yup we have it too, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands are here as well.

We made tens of kilometers trying to squeeze every minute from our 7 day stay in New York. Even if we would have another month we would not be able to see everything which was worth seeing in our opinion.

There are many thing you may do in NY but there are some which I could advice (as I was able to try them out first):

I can bet that you can spend days by trying things mentioned above or finding your favorite ones. Only downside which I can think of  are the hotels which are really, really expensive.

As those pictures were made two years ago I definitely can see the difference in my experience with camera (especially if now I own a full frame). I hope that they will still be enjoyable though!