Taken: June 2014, NY, USA
Camera: Nikon D7000

What is one of the most breathtaking things you see when you first arrive to NY? For you maybe those are the skyscrapers at Manhattan or  the cultural mix of people you meet on the street or the fact that this city never sleeps.

For me one of the biggest things which just amazed me were the cars. In Europe we are limited by the “environment protection” and all the craziness around it. The EU Commission is penalizing the cars with engines bigger than 2 liters by applying much higher taxes to their price. “Which makes me sad panda”.

Thanks God this is not the fact in New York and USA in general. In here you can encounter all of our European brands like Audi, Mercedes or Volkswagen. You can see similar colors and bodies you see everyday. With one exception –  you will not find weak and “economic” engines with 100bhp. Instead you can see (or rather hear) muscular engines with 3.0 liters and plenty of horses under the hood.

Additionally USA offers you the cars which are very rare in Europe. There is a variety of muscle cars, pickups or big lorry trucks. Seeing them lice was like a Christmas during summer for the small boy inside of me.

Below you can find some pictures of those amazing machines which I encountered every day on Manhattan and Brooklyn streets. Enjoy!