Taken: October 2015, Niederösterreich, Austria
Camera: Nikon D750

Recently I had a chance to visit Amsterdam for the first time in my life. Similar to New York trip I got the chance to visit the city while being on IT conference. This time  I was attending Velocity Conference taking place few kilometers from the center of this beautiful town.

As the purpose of this trip was  business related my time was very limited and I was able to see the city  only after dark for a few hours. Of course given the chance I would really love to see and feel the city also at other times of the day. Make a walk during foggy mornings and feel the atmosphere while contemplating breakfast in one of many small restaurants around the canals.

As it occurred at the end it was not such a big of an issue – Amsterdam shown me its second face – brightened with thousands of lights and water reflections, crowded with friendly people and offering good beer in local breweries.

Bikes… bikes everywhere….

While going there I was prepared to see a lot of two wheel vehicles as Amsterdam was always portrayed as a capital city of cyclists. But what I saw at the place was beyond my imagination.

As a side note – all the pictures were taken with no tripod – I used all the static things available around me like walls, bridges, pipes etc. just to get some additional stability. Unfortunately I still had to bump the ISO quite high on many shots. Time constraints and various light situations leaded to different warmth on every photo making post-process more random as you can see on the last 4 pictures below.