Taken: October 2015, Niederösterreich, Austria
Camera: Nikon D750

Schneeberg is the second highest mountain in the Lower Austria, located about 1 hour of drive south from Vienna. Its peak reaches 2076 meters and during the clear weather days it can be visible from certain spots in Vienna (like Kahlenberg Mountain).

We have visited this mountain quite few times already but never the weather was so great. The day was quite warm as for the late October and combined with dense, white fog it has created unforgettable scenery.

There are various ways of reaching the mountain plateau but we decided to go with Schneeberg Railway called Schneebergbahn which was able to take us at 1800m above sea level. The ticket is a bit pricey but there are various ways of reducing the price from which the most interesting Niederösterreich-CARD .

If you are traveling with children I strongly recommend choosing the train trip up and then taking the way down by foot. We did it already twice and it was hell worth it, even then you have few solid hours of quite well paced walk. You can stop by at few small “gastronomies” where they serve delicious beer and famous Schneeberg Buchteln